• Select a Location Type: Address, Place or GPS Coordinates.

  • For Addresses:
    • You may enter a US or Canadian address
    • You may enter a street address or and intersection as in "Hollywood & Vine."
    • For US addresses it is important to enter both the State abbreviation and the Zip Code.
    • For Canadian addresses enter both the Province abbreviation and the Postal Code.

  • For Places:
    • You may enter a US or Canadian place.
    • Places may be Airport Codes, Parks, Schools, Hospitals and other Points of Interest.

  • For GPS Coordinates:
    • Enter GPS Latitude and Longitude in decimal degrees.
    • Northern hemisphere latitudes are positive.
    • Western hemisphere longitudes are negative.
    • Enter GPS Coordinates as "Latitude,Longitude" (i.e. 40.6892,-74.0445)

  • If your Location can be mapped you will be logged in as "DEMO"
  • Once logged in, select a Demo vehicle and click “LOCATE”.
  • You may zoom in and out on the maps and on the aerial photo.
  • You may also get directions to and from the tracked location.
  • Return to the home page by clicking the logo or "Home."
  • If you are already logged in as DEMO click "Logout" to return to the home page.